If you have periodontitis, holes called defects may form in the bone surrounding your teeth. If this has occurred, Dr. Kamy Noruzi will reshape the bone with osseous surgery in Geneva, Illinois. Osseous surgery reshapes the bone that holds one or more of your teeth in place and gets rid of defects.

To reshape your bone, our periodontist will first cut around each tooth in the treatment area to release the gum tissues from the bone so he can access the roots and bone. The tooth roots will be cleaned and our periodontist will use a drill and other tools to reshape the bone around your teeth. In some areas, small amounts of bone structure will be removed to restore the normal contour of the bone. If there are large defects in the bone, bone grafting material may be placed. Our periodontist will place your gums back over the bone and stitch them into place. A bandage called a dressing or periodontal pack may be placed over the area after treatment.

It is imperative for you to keep your mouth as clean as possible during healing. Gently remove plaque from the teeth with a toothbrush in the surgical site. Brush and floss the rest or your mouth normally.

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