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Tooth sensitivity has been defined as an achy stimulation of the pearly whites. Thankfully, it can be treated with at-home products.

While we endorse visiting our office to address the sensitivity, these bits of advice can be great supplementary measures. Multiple toothpastes are labeled and marketed to be used for treating dentin hypersensitivity; such toothpastes regularly contain potassium and can mitigate the effect of tooth sensitivity. Mouthwashes containing potassium can also assist with tooth desensitization, though not as much as toothpastes containing potassium. You can also look out for potassium salts, tooth-sensitivity chewing gums and toothpastes with nano-hydroxyapatite, another compound used to treat tooth sensitivity. When using any of these products, follow the recommended instructions. Please also feel free to check with our office if you have any queries about appropriate usage.

Tooth sensitivity is about as straightforward as it sounds, and if you have it, then you can expect your chompers to deal with abnormally high levels of uneasiness and sensitivity when they are touched by heat, cold, sugar and other stimulants. While some sensitivity is normal, people with tooth sensitivity have higher, more throbby levels of sensitivity since the protective layers of their chompers have been worn away.

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