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If you have a weak jaw bone that is unable to support dental implants then we invite you to Fox River Periodontics, PC for a sinus augmentation. Tooth extractions and periodontal disease can cause bone loss to the jaw, but Dr. Kamy Noruzi can restore it with this bone grafting procedure. We will perform the surgery by:

  • Taking X-rays of your teeth and jaw in order to map out the treatment plan
  • Injecting a local anesthetic to the area
  • Making an incision to gum tissues in order to expose the bone
  • Carefully lifting the sinus membrane
  • Placing the bone graft material between the jaw bone and the sinus membrane
  • Suturing the gum tissues

Afterwards, we may prescribe antibiotics and medication for pain, congestion, and inflammation. We may also suggest a saline spray to keep the inner lining of your nose wet. You may experience some swelling, bleeding, and discomfort, but it should be mild. You should avoid blowing your nose and sneezing after the surgery because doing so may loosen the stitches and cause the bone grafting material to shift.

After receiving a sinus augmentation, your jaw will become strong and healthy once more. The grafting material will encourage the natural growth of your jaw bone, so it will have enough density to support dental implants. Call our office today if you want to learn more about the benefits of this procedure.