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When you think about improving the appearance of your smile, you probably think about the varied treatments available through cosmetic dentistry. And while there are many things you can do to whiten, shape, and straiten your teeth, periodontal treatments also have an impact on your smile. One common treatment used to brighten smiles is cosmetic gum shaping.

Gum shaping, also known as gingivectomy or crown lengthening, is a process used to help gums appear more regular. It is often used to treat encroaching gums, sometimes referred to as a “gummy” smile. If the gums are too high, teeth look shorter than they are. This is why the treatment is often called crown lengthening, because the teeth appear longer after the procedure. Whatever you call the treatment or its impetus, gum shaping can help improve your smile.

While gum contouring is used mainly for aesthetic reasons, it can also contribute to the success of noncosmetic procedures as well. For example, high gums might prevent a new dental crown or bridge from fitting correctly. If a tooth has sustained damage below the gum line, it can be difficult or impossible to treat until it is exposed. Even braces can be affected by high gum lines. Having an appropriately-placed gum line is pleasing aesthetically, but also helps ensure better oral health.

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