The Reasons Behind Bleeding Gums

If you ever notice a little pink in the sink while you’re cleaning your teeth, it’s important to change your cleaning technique or take better care of your smile. Even though many people ignore their bleeding gums, they shouldn’t. This could be a symptom of a larger issue. To help you know a little more,… Read more »

A Dental Implant Is One of the Most Effective Methods for Restoring a Tooth

When a tooth is lost to an untreated cavity, dental trauma or a treatment that required a dental extraction, it can compromise your mouth in several ways. The decreased oral function, changes in appearance and clarity of speech are just some of the early complications. If the tooth is not fully restored the absent void… Read more »

A Tooth That Needed Extraction Might Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

In many cases of severe tooth decay or dental trauma that affects the root of a tooth, the dental restoration specialists at ’s , can apply endodontic therapy. Commonly known as a root canal, this method of therapy will remove any compromised tissues and tooth enamel before restoring the internal dental structure. Unfortunately, there are… Read more »

A Tooth Extraction Calls for Quality Aftercare

When a tooth is severely damaged by dental trauma or compromised by severe tooth decay, there might not be enough healthy structure remaining in the root to treat it with periodontal therapy. In these extreme cases, Dr. ’s only viable treatment option might be to extract the tooth at , clinic. This will help ease… Read more »

How to Treat Gum Disease

Have you ever visited a dentist? If you, you might understand that there are several things you might want to do to keep your teeth healthy. For instance, you may have heard that brushing and flossing are important. Sadly, if you don’t brush and floss well, you could ultimately have to cope with gum disease…. Read more »

All About Bone Regeneration

Your dentist, periodontist or oral surgeon might request bone regeneration, also commonly called a bone graft, for many reasons: weak jaw, gum disease, misaligned bite, and preparation for dental implants, to name a few. If you are considering the possibility, here are some things you’ll want to know What exactly is bone regeneration? When dental… Read more »

The Facts About Gum Recession

If you’re interested in protecting your teeth and gums, you may know that there are several things you’ll need to do. For instance, you may have heard that flossing and brushing are very important. We also suggest visiting us twice every year for a routine checkup. Furthermore, please feel free to give us a call… Read more »

Gum Disease in the United States

Gum disease is one of the most prevalent diseases affecting adults in the United States. In most cases, the gum disease is mild, but others are more serious. An untreated case of gum disease can eventually lead to damage of the gum tissue as well as causing tooth loss. However, gum disease is completely treatable,… Read more »

Bad Breath: The Facts

Do you ever worry about your breath? If so, you know that there are a number of things you can do. For instance, you probably know that brushing and flossing will help you keep your mouth fresh. You know that you could also reach for mouthwash to cover your bad breath. However, would you be… Read more »

Which Toothpaste is Right for You?

Had you heard that people have used toothpaste since the late 1800s? This toothpaste was tasteless and came in a jar. Luckily, toothpaste is drastically different now. As you may know, several types of toothpaste have been made to address a variety of needs. Still, how do you choose the toothpaste for you? You see,… Read more »