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When a tooth is lost to an untreated cavity, dental trauma or a treatment that required a dental extraction, it can compromise your mouth in several ways. The decreased oral function, changes in appearance and clarity of speech are just some of the early complications. If the tooth is not fully restored the absent void could cause the neighboring teeth to drift out of their correct alignment.

There are a few different ways to replace the missing tooth. One of the more popular and effective options is to have Dr. Kamy Noruzi install a dental implant into the empty socket.

This will require a minor oral surgery, where Dr. Kamy Noruzi will insert a titanium dental implant directly into the existing bone structure. Titanium has the special ability to gradually integrate with living bone tissues. As time goes by, this will create a firm anchor for an eventual dental crown.

After total fusion has been attained, Dr. Kamy Noruzi will start the process of building an abutment and fitting you for a dental crown. This will fully restore your ability to chew food and prevent further complications.

If you live in the Geneva, Illinois area and you are missing a tooth, you should not delay in calling 630-232-7400 to explore the dental restorations available at Fox River Periodontics, PC.