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Sometimes a seemingly minor oral habit like chewing on desktop items or using your teeth to help open packaging can lead to a chipped tooth. In many of these cases the damage to the tooth’s enamel layer can vary.

Even if you aren’t experiencing immediate sensitivity or discomfort in the affected tooth you should still have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Kamy Noruzi. Without timely treatment the affected area can develop a severe cavity or a dangerous dental fracture.

A thorough examination of the tooth will be necessary to determine the best treatment method. The plan our dentist puts forth will be based on the size of the damage to the tooth’s enamel layer and the location of the tooth in your mouth.

In some of these cases a small dental fracture can be treated by having our dentist apply a simple dental filling. If the treated area will readily appear when you smile he will likely use a composite dental filling, which can easily match the shade of the surrounding tooth enamel for a seamless repair.

With consistent oral hygiene habits and regular attendance of your routine dental checkups, the treated tooth will serve you for many long years to come.

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