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Have you ever visited a dentist? If you, you might understand that there are several things you might want to do to keep your teeth healthy. For instance, you may have heard that brushing and flossing are important. Sadly, if you don’t brush and floss well, you could ultimately have to cope with gum disease. Luckily, gum disease is actually easier to address if you catch the issue early—and there are a number of signs you should watch for.

To make matters worse, gum disease might cause several fairly serious issues if not addressed. You see, if you don’t address gum disease, the tissue that keeps your teeth in place might be affected. This problem could actually lead to tooth loss. Similarly, if you have gum disease, you might also have bad breath, bleeding and tender gums, and pain when you chew. Furthermore, gum disease might be fairly easy to reverse. In fact, our team can usually address gum disease just by cleaning your teeth thoroughly. It’s also important that you visit us regularly because gum disease is fairly difficult to identify from home. You may also be able to revert gum disease by keeping your teeth clean from home.

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