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To have a healthy mouth and strong teeth, you also need to have healthy gums that aren’t affected by gum disease. This means maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine that focuses on daily brushing and flossing to remove bacteria. Our team is here to help you keep your gums healthy and address any periodontal issues that may develop.

Have a smile full of bacteria-rich substances such as plaque and food particles can put you at a high risk of having tartar develop on the gum line and causing a periodontal inflammation called gingivitis.

If you are struggling with persistent bad breath or gums that look inflamed and bleed whenever you brush or floss, these conditions could be symptoms of a periodontal issue. We encourage you to schedule a visit with Dr. Kamy Noruzi as soon as possible to receive an oral exam.

Our team at Fox River Periodontics, PC is happy to to provide effective treatment to help you restore your gum health. Addressing unhealthy gums may require an improved flossing technique that cleans your gums and rear molars, as well as a deep cleaning to remove any bacteria and tartar under your gum line.

To speak with our Periodontist about whether you need to receive gum disease treatment in Geneva, Illinois, we invite you to schedule an appointment by contacting our office at 630-232-7400 today.